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Terms & Conditions



The following conditions apply to all rentals of apartments and chalets booked under the Ehvoé name and form the basis of the contract between us and all persons included in the booking.



The  indication  supplied  in  this  file  are  provided  after  taking  into  account  the  state  of  the regulations at the time the file is published, without prejudice to any modifications that occur after its publication.

This rental is agreed for a temporary leisure residence. The tenant may not exercise any commercial, crafts or professional activity therein.

These booking conditions and any matters arising from them are subject to and governed by the French Law.



Information required prior to booking:

  • Number of guests: as soon as you make the booking, you will be required to state the number  of  guests  –  both  adults  and  children  –  who  will  occupy  the  apartments and chalets during the stay. In no event may the number of guests exceed that for which the apartments and all chalets are furnished.
  • Pets:  Pets  are  allowed  in  our apartments and chalets under certain conditions only. Please contact us for more information : contact@ehvoe.com .
  • Guests requiring special services: any guests who require a special service because of their state of health must notify us of their requirements at the time of booking so that we can state any reservations we may have with regards to whether this is the right type of accommodation, to advise against it or to offer the most appropriate type of accommodation.
  • Our rates are public, taxes and services included. Change of rates may occur without any notice.

How does the Ehvoé booking system work ?

  • On our booking system once you sent us an inquiry, you will receive a reception email. This is followed if possible by a confirmation email to approve the booking once your request has been checked on our availability calendar.
  • Booking is confirmed only with down-payment received has follow:
    •  100% of the total payment is due for an apartment or a chalet at the time of booking if booking is made 1 month before arrival
    • 25% as a deposit will be taken to confirm the booking if the booking is in more than 1 month.
    • 75% of the booking (balance) is due 30 days prior to arrival. 

Booking is only guaranteed with credit card. Credit card is always required at the time of booking for any type of accommodation, with Visa or Mastercards.




  • We recommend to the individual guests to arrange with their own insurance company a cancellation insurance premium to cover all penalties.
  • For guests who could not arrive on the due date or leave before the end of the stay, the  tour  operator  will  be  charged  100%  of  the  contracted  rates  for  these  specific nights.
  • Booking is confirmed only after the payment of a deposit as mentioned on page 1 of this document.
  • Any booking confirmed and paid (totally or partially) will generate penalty fees in case of cancellation.


Cancellation fees for apartments and chalets:

-in case of cancellation more than 30 days before arrival: 25% of total amount

-in case of cancellation less than 30 days before arrival: 100% of total amount

Ehvoé will charge the client credit card for the amount as indicated above in case of cancellation.

– Interruption of stay:

In the event the stay is interrupted, even for medical reasons or in cases of force majeure, the client may not claim any reimbursement from us. To cover this possibility, we advise you take your insurance.



  •               For some apartments or chalets, safes are available or not to clients, Ehvoé will not be held responsible for theft of loss of personal items on the premises.
  •               The guest’s responsibility at the premise: in the case of missing objects, and/or damage to the interior of apartment or chalet, the cost of the damages will be either deducted from the security deposit or billed to and paid for by the guest.



  •               Check in and Check out time:

Our check in and check out times must be respected by clients or the clients will be subject to extra time fees equivalent to the rate for one night of the accommodation reserved.

  • Check in: from Noon/ Check out: 4pm

Time of arrival should be confirmed to the concierge 48 hours before arrival in order to organize the meet & greet.

  •               Rental deposit:

A rental deposit must be paid by the client at arrival by credit card. This deposit is designed to cover the cost of any damage caused during the stay to the rented property or to furnishing contained therein as follow:

ü 20% of total amount for apartment.

ü 25% of total amount for chalet.

This amount is considered as a payment (taken on the client’s credit card in euro and en- cashed by Ehvoé). This amount will be automatically refunded in euro at the end of stay if no damage is noted no later than two weeks after departure.

The following are not considered as payment:

– Giving a credit card number as long as no authorization from the centre has been obtained.

– A cheque as long as it has been not debited except a bank cheque

– A postal order that we have not been in a position to cash, or a bank transfer as long as we have not received confirmation from our bank.

All payments are due as of the date stated in the contract agreed upon payment conditions In case of payment by bank transfer or by credit card, bank charges are the responsibility of the clients and are added to the total amount of the stay.

No payment by check in foreign currencies is accepted, except in the case of banker’s draft payable to the order of Ehvoé.

The extra expenses cannot be paid by cheque at the check-out.



  •               Internal Regulations:

Each tenant is responsible for any disturbance caused by guests residing in their rented apartment and chalet. If the peace and quiet, well- being or safety of people living or working on the estate is threatened, we may put an immediate end to the stay, without any compensation whatsoever.

The client must occupy the accommodation conscientiously and avoid any carelessness or negligence. In particular, he must not leave the apartments and chalets unlocked without supervision and he must lock up in his absence to avoid any intrusion.

In general, clients must use the house and the furnishing therein as they should normally be used.

A safe box is at the disposal in some premises but not compulsory.  Guests  are  responsible  for  their  own  personal belongings.

Ehvoé is in no way responsible of stolen items.

  •               Swimming pool / jacuzzis:

Some apartments may have the swimming pools or jacuzzis located in the main buildings or some chalets may have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, they do not have to comply with the law “sécurité piscine” N° 2003-9 of 03 January 2003, and therefore do not comprise an alarm system designed to prevent the risk of drowning.

The direct, visual and active supervision of an adult is therefore essential, and under the sole responsibility of the client.

To ensure the safety of children, the following precautions must be taken, in particular:

– Never leave a young children alone near the pool

– Never leave a child alone in the water, even if they know to swim. They must always be under the supervision of an adult capable of saving them in the event of an accident.

– Never leave toys or other items floating on the water; they may encourage children to approach the water.

– Always fit inflatable armbands of floating costumes on young children.

Ehvoé’s responsibility is not involved in case of accident or death.

 Please note that for your own safety, you may not stay more than 20 minutes in a jacuzzi or sauna to prevent any heart attack.

  •               Gardens:

In view of the considerable and real danger due to the steep slope of the ground of some premises in certain areas of the gardens parents must ensure their children do not approach these areas.

All  our  staffs  are  at  your  disposal  if  you  wish  to  obtain  further information concerning safety measures that must be observed.

  •               In-home service:

For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to use external vendors’ services in our apartments &  chalets  for  food  &  beverage  delivery, catering,  massage, baby-sitting, housekeeping, etc.  Ehvoé is able to provide any service you may require 24/24 with our concierge.

If you take the decision to use external vendor’s services, Ehvoé will not be held responsible for theft, loss or damage on the premises.

In case of food services (dinners, breakfasts, deliveries) it is your responsibility to inform us of any food allergy or specific food requirements. Ehvoé will not be held responsible for any accident of this matter.

  •               Ski-passes services:

Ehvoé offers a services of ski-passes purchase and delivery. We offers the same stander price as the Compagnie du Mont Blanc rates, and add no extra fee for the delivery.

To access the service, you must provide Ehvoé with credit card details for the passes payment, and you must provide :

– Name and first name

– Date of birth

of each person requiring a ski pass.

Please refer to the Compagnie du Mont Blanc General Sales conditions for more information : http://www.compagniedumontblanc.fr/Marketing/CGV/CGV_CMB.pdf



  •               Liability:

Each client is responsible for the property entrusted to him. It is up to him to take the appropriate measures and to use the safes and alarms placed at this disposal if provided in the premises. In no event shall we be liable in the event of damage or theft within apartments & chalets or on the estate.

Clients must also be able to prove that they have taken out multi-risk and civil liability insurance with a reputedly solvent insurance company.

  •               Complaints:

For our clients, the properties managed by Ehvoé must remain the background to an unforgettable stay that leaves them totally satisfied.

This is why we ask to make known as soon as possible any complaints you may have during your stay so that we can remedy them as quickly as possible.

The sales and conditions must be signed by client at the time of booking and returned to reservation with payment.